Evolution of a Man


Decisions, Decisions…

Sigh.  I’ve been dodging writing this blog for a while.

My last run, a few weeks ago, was a longer one.  I had planned on an 18 mile run, from Ashburn, VA out past Leesburg (9 miles out and 9 miles back, along the WO&D trail).  It all started well.  My pace felt good, and I wasn’t very sore at all.  It sure was cold though, but the running kept me warm, so I didn’t notice much.

On the way back, probably around mile 15 – I started to feel it.  It was a slow throb in my right hip.  I tried to push through it some, but it wouldn’t go away.  I stopped for a moment to stretch it out (as my physical therapist had instructed), but when I went to go back to running I didn’t make it very far before the pain was back, and this time pretty unbearable.  It got to the point that lifting my leg to run was too painful to do.

I ended up walking the last two miles of the trail back to my car. By the end of the two mile walk it hurt to even walk.

This wasn’t my first injury from long distance running, it was more like my 5th.  I’ve been working with a physical therapist for more than two months now, and it’s not making much of a difference, and I’ve made a decision.

I’m going to switch to the half marathon.

That sucks just reading it.  I hate to admit defeat – but at the same time, it’s for the best in the long run.  The same way you have to know when to retreat from a losing Risk battle, before you over commit forces you cannot afford to lose, I feel it’s my time to call this one a race.  If I continue with thinking I can complete a marathon when my body is telling me in no uncertain terms that I cannot – I might end up with a permanent injury.

So, I’ll be running the half-marathon in DC instead of the full, and I’m going to be happy about it.  It’s still a whole lot of effort put in, and I’m proud of my progress – regardless of my stupid body’s rules on what it will and will not accept.