Evolution of a Man

Week 8 – The importance of a training partner

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I’ve never been one to overestimate myself.  I’m pretty ‘real’ when it comes to my shortcomings, as much as I am confident in my abilities.  One of my main shortcomings in life is sustaining drive.  It’s hard for me to keep momentum going.  I get really amped for a little while on something, and end up giving it up when I’m later bored with whatever it is I was amped about.  Two months ago, I was amped about running a marathon, and about training for it.  I was worried though, that I wouldn’t succeed.  That I’d give up training for it, and not finish what I had started.

I set up built in failsafes.

  • I signed up and paid for the marathon.
  • I publicly set up a blog to keep me accountable to myself
  • most importantly though, I found a training partner.


I was discussing my goals with my neighbor Chris, who mentioned he had the same problem with working out.  He’d get all motivated, but that motivation would taper off and he’d stop doing it.  He asked me if I minded if he joined me on my marathon quest, and I was jazzed right away.  Having someone on the same path, waiting for you outside in the cold at 5:30am is a serious motivator.  We both know we want to run, we both know we need to run to train for the marathon, and the fact that we’ve both decided to do this thing together keeps us both still doing it.  Sometimes though, your partner has life stuff, and can’t race for a few days.  This happened this week, for Chris.  His wife was out of town, which meant he couldn’t leave in the morning on Wednesday or Thursday to run.

This shouldn’t have been a problem.  He’s missed a couple of other days for other reasons before, as have I, but we’ve made them up, or run by ourselves for the day.  This Wednesday, I heard the alarm go off, and looked at it.  My internal dialogue told me to turn it off and go to sleep, it’s just one day off.  My conscious mind – already bored-ish with running, agreed, and that’s what I did.  I was guilty all day long.  Thursday morning, the alarm went off, and my internal dialogue was similar.  Just as Wednesday, I went back to sleep, and didn’t run.

I agonized all day Thursday and Friday about it.  I should have gone.  I should have had the willpower to get off my ass and go run, but I didn’t.  I chose not to.  Without Chris to run with, I had a way out, and in a weak moment or two in the morning, I opted for it.

I’m so happy to have Chris to run with in the mornings, because he helps keep me on track – and I need that right now, while I build the habit stronger.

All that said, I did get two runs in this week; Monday and Saturday.

The run of the 17th of November was my 27th training run, the last run of the 8th week!  (Week 8: Nov. 12th-Nov. 17th)

27 runs in, 8 weeks down, 17 weeks to go and I’ll be running the Saturday Rock N’ Roll Marathon in Washington, DC.

Week 8 Statistics!

Average Run

  • 30:01 minutes

Average Pace

  • 8:33 /mile

Average Distance

  • 3.51 miles

Notable week 8 information:

  • I learned this week that I should NOT eat anything before going running.  I had a major cramp on Monday’s run, from about mile 3 til the end.  I need to do some research into how runners deal with abdominal cramps while out running.

“Stay on Target” – Jek Porkins, Red Six

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