Evolution of a Man

Week 6!

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“There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised”– Anton Lavey

The afternoon run of the 3rd of November was my 22nd training run, the last run of the 6th week!  (Week 6: Oct. 27th-Nov. 3rd)

22 runs in, 6 weeks down, 19 weeks to go and I’ll be running the Saturday Rock N’ Roll Marathon in Washington, DC.

Week 6 Statistics!

Average Run

  • 30:09.67 minutes

Average Pace

  • 8:37 /mile

Average Distance

  • 3.49 miles

Notable week 6 achievements:

  • I’m not going to lie, this week sucked.  Monday, Hurricane Sandy bearing down on poor little Virginia, we decided to run indoors at our community gym.  We pay for it every month, why not, right?  UGH.  Running indoors used to be something I liked, but this time it was terrible.  Not only was it boring, but I kept watching the seconds tick by on the machine, which made the 30 minutes seem like forever.  Also, running outdoors is naturally paced by landmarks.  Next is the golf course.  Once past the golf course, I’m thinking of the cul-de-sac next.  After the cul-de-sac, it’s the hill, the top of the hill, the bottom of the hill, etc.  You get none of that on the treadmill, and on top of it all, you don’t get the fresh air.  BLAH.
  • I was sick on Thursday.  Sick is relative I suppose.  I don’t think I would have been as sick on Thursday if I had gone to bed a little earlier than I did, but I also did wake up with a headache and sniffles.  Built in excuse, and I should have ran anyway..maybe it would have been good for me.  I feel guilty to have skipped the run, to be honest.
  • On the plus side, the run on Saturday afternoon was great.  The temperature was about 50F, but the windchill pulled that down much further.  It was chilly to start, but after the first 4 minutes or so, I was toasty warm and heated up, and the chilled air felt GREAT in the lungs.  I wasn’t winded in the least at the end, and really enjoyed getting out there.

“Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your actions” – Dalai Lama

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