Evolution of a Man

Thoughts about direction

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One of my life goals is school.

I was always told ‘Greg would do so much better if he just applied himself’, or ‘if Greg just slowed down and took the time on his studies, he’d be an A student’.  I heard that mantra my whole life, and besides knowing it to be true, I allowed it to be my reality – even though the truth of it is, most of my grades hovered just over 50%.  Whatever was the minimum effort needed to still get the diploma was what I put into it.  I was only an A student in potential.

This time around, I want to be an A student in reality.  A grade doesn’t define you, but for me – not having the grade before DID define me.  It shaped my view on life; to get by on as little effort as possible.  Why work hard when you don’t have to?  Why bust your ass on schoolwork, when you could skip it, play games instead, and STILL pass?  I have to admit, before I started university, I never (not once) ever studied for a test.  I didn’t do homework.  I skipped all projects.  I was at the mortal limit of skipping classes (one term, if I missed one more day, I was going to get the boot, straight from the principals mouth).

This time around, I want it to be different.  I am studying hard.  I am putting in the work to master the material (it’s not that hard to master the material; I read the chapter and do the homework – but still, I’m doing what is required).  I am an A student right now, after 2.5 years in, and am proud of my achievement.  Not just because it’s an A, a shiny badge for my transcript, but because of what it represents – the effort.  The dedication.  The fact that I put time INTO them, into my life, instead of life just happening.  I’ve done good work, and I’m happy with the results so far.

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