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Third week of training Complete!


“Life is a journey, not a destination”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The 13th was my 12th training run, the last run of the third week!  (Week 3: Oct. 7th-Oct. 13th)

12 runs in, two weeks down, I’m 22 weeks from March 16th, where I’ll be running the Saturday Rock N’ Roll Marathon in Washington, DC.

Week 3 Statistics!

Average Run

  • 30:35 minutes

Average Pace

  • 8:39.54/mile

Average Distance

  • 3.52 miles

Notable week 3 achievements:

  • Time expected was ramped up to 30 minutes per run.
  • The hills in this run are a killer.  I’ve been working on my pace, not to go faster, but to find a natural rhythm.  My goal is to breathe only through the nose, inhale and exhale.  Whatever oxygen my body pulls in is the oxygen I’ll be able to use.  The trick is consciously modifying my pace to go slower on hills, to be able to keep with the oxygen intake I’m receiving.  The other trick, is to improve my cardiovascular health, so that each breath is being maximized.
  • This was a solo week.  My training partner was away for the week.

If you have built castles in the air; your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.  -Henry David Thoreau

4 thoughts on “Third week of training Complete!

  1. Good luck on week threes journey; you’ve got this 🙂

  2. Thanks. I was late to post, and I’m 3/4 through week 4 now. Staying on this schedule is comforting. It measures and paces me until the next goal. My only job is to stuck to it religiously.

  3. “Your mouth is larger than your nostrils, so it’s more effective at taking in oxygen. Also, keeping your mouth open keeps your face more relaxed, which makes it easier to breathe deeply.”


  4. This is totally true, and I’m not arguing that a mouth can bring in more oxygen.

    The method I use is the Mongolian method. In the times of Ghengis Khan, the young Mongolian warriors would run for miles to fetch something, and run back. The first back with the prize would be admitted into the tribe as a warrior. That’s pretty harsh – but the other part of the task was that they had to run with their mouth full of water, forcing them to breathe through their nose the entire time.

    Breathing through the nose allows you (at your will) to provide an oxygen boost by switching momentarily to mouth breathing (to get to the top of the hill, last push in a race, etc), but while maintaining a pace that is fed by as much oxygen as needed.

    I’ve run many times mouth breathing, but I always found my pace was out of whack. I read about the Mongolian method and gave it a try, and loved the fact that the amount of oxygen provided by it was always measured, always the same. With mouthbreahing, i found that I was breathing in too much when winded or climbing hills, and not enough when going slowly.

    Perhaps it’s just preference, but I enjoy being paced by the steady oxygen intake that breathing through the nose brings.

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