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Run tracking software



I like the idea of a running app for my phone. It functions as a run diary, keeping track of your runs, the route, your run pace, your overall pace, etc.

I’ve been using the Nike + running app, mostly because I had Nike+ shoes with the sensor (before I had GPS on a phone), and I liked the way that it worked.

Yesterday, at the end of a timed run, I must have mistakenly turned the app back on after stopping it, because it recorded at extra 2.5 minutes of walking and talking.

This extra time got factored into my pace for the run, and subsequent to that got factored into the overall pace for my entire run history. For some one who loves to track data, this is terrible. It poisons not only that runs data, but the entire well of data.

No problem, right? Just truncate the 2.5 minutes, right! Except the app has no such feature. Neither does the website.

After talking with them, found out I could delete the run and they could manually add one in to fix my pace, but I lose the map and elevation stuff. Half fix, and lose 30 minutes of life on the phone with them.

SO, trying out a new running app. It’s called:

Seems to have everything that the Nike+ app had, plus the ability to take photos from the app on your run (pretty cool), and LIVE updates, so supporters know where you are on your run…pretty awesome for a first marathon I think.

I will give a review after checking it out for a while.

2 thoughts on “Run tracking software

  1. Also worth checking out are MapMyRun and Strava.

  2. I have MapMyRun, and was planning on trying it out first – but was immediately roadblocked by account verification stuff and moved on. I might go back and give it a shot.

    I haven’t heard of Strava, I’ll take a look too. Thanks Mike!

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