Evolution of a Man

The End of an Era



All my life, I’ve been a gamer. Atari. Commodore. Gemini. Colleco. Amiga. IBM. Nintendo (8bit, super, 64, GameCube). Playstation (1,2,3). Xbox, (original, 360).

Today, I sold the last of my stuff. It’s over. I remember saying “I’ll be 80 and playing video games.” It was part of my DNA.

Bollocks to that. It’s time for a new Greg. It’s time to find simple joys in hanging with my kids. It’s time to have some extra time with my wife, because she deserves it.

In short, it’s time to grow up.


I got RAPED at GameStop, but this isn’t about the money. Besides, I bought a ton of stuff for Lola’s party with it.

Mea Culpa.


2 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. Brutal… I won’t do it… I don’t play it enough to get rid of my 360 lol

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