Evolution of a Man

Give. Up. Coffee.


Hey evolvers.  Let’s evolve some.

Something ubiquitous with Hatchdad has always been coffee.  I’m in love with this hot sexy drink.  It’s warm, delicious, and it gives you lots of energy, what’s not to love, right?

Turns out – it depends.   I’ve been a regular coffee drinker as long as I can remember.  Probably since age 12, but definitely had tried it out earlier.  In the turn of events that caused me to reflect upon what wasn’t working in my life and what was, I realized that I was always under the influence of caffeine.  A typical morning would include my getting up and grinding the beans, heating the water, and enjoying a cup of coffee, immediately followed by a second.  Mid morning, I’d make another french press full, and have two more large cups.  Evening time, I’d do it all again (to give me some extra energy for doing school work).  My regular routine would have me caffeine fueled until all hours of the night, well after my wife had gone to sleep.  Due to the hours of sleep I was not getting by being caffeine fueled, I’d need to…caffeine fuel in the morning, to make up for that.  Mid morning/afternoon, my caffeine intake was wearing off, and I’d hit the wall (this wall by the way, that we hit, is natural exhaustion from either lack of nutrition or sleep).  I’d make more coffee until school work time in the evening, wash rinse, repeat.  forever.  this was my life!

On top of it all, apparently I’m a grouchy dickhead when hopped up on caffeine.  Grouchy to my wife, grouchy to my children.  Granted, sometimes in life, people deserve to be grouched at – but I was an on the edge grouch ALL THE TIME.  That’s not fair.  When it would be pointed out, I’d poo-poo (because I’m a poo-poo-er, this is something to change too, but different topic).  I’d get defensive.  I’d insist that “I didn’t need that much sleep”.  I was wrong, of course.  My wife?  You guessed it.  Right, of course.  Funny how that works?  You know, funny like a kick in the balls.


I decided to quit all coffee.  cold turkey. No decaf either (for those other things in coffee – I’m going for a baseline here)

Day one (Monday the 10th of September, 2012 – a day that will live in infamy), I had a slight fogginess.  No biggie, I got this.  No dang addiction to caffeine is bringing Hatchdad down.

Day two, after having stayed up until 1 am, and getting up for the day at 6:45 am – I was ambushed by a crazy headache, coming from behind the eyeballs and raping my brain.  My stomach twisted into some knots.  I had vurps all day (vomit burps, and they sucked).  I felt hot and then cold.  It was terrible.  I had a lack of drive.  I had a lack of everything, I just wanted to die.

Day three.  I got it in my head that I needed lots of sleep, and had fallen to sleep at 9pm the night before, leaving me with a gaudy nine hours and forty-five minutes of sleep.  This helped tremendously.  Also, when I got up, I drank a glass of amazing grass green super food.  Such a natural boost, I love this stuff.  It gave me a little leg up, and I didn’t feel like dying today, but I didn’t feel great.  Decided once again, sleep is the best medicine here, and went down at 9:30pm.

Day four.  No significant issues whatsoever.

Day five.  The same as four.

It’s the 16th now, 6 days later, and although I want a coffee still, the adverse affects of not having the caffeine are gone.  I’ve also changed my life approach a bit, and am getting the sleep that I actually need, not the sleep that I forced my body to accept.  That has to be good for my health.


Be the you that you want to be.  make a change!

3 thoughts on “Give. Up. Coffee.

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