Evolution of a Man

Beginning to flesh out an idea for my book…


I’ve been thinking for a long time that I need to write a children’s book.  I love to write, I love to read to children, I love to draw, and with all of those things said I think it’s prime time for me to start.  Here’s my idea (all rights reserved, jerks).

Fred the Bunny, DreamNaut.  Fred is a young bunny who loves his bed time.  His mom reads him a story before bed every night, and he goes to sleep with the ideas swirling.  Once asleep, he’s Fred the Knight, or Fred the undersea adventurer, or Fred the space bunny, or whatever.  This is the framework I’m thinking of to begin building a story around.  I plan on doing a mixed media approach to the book, some backgrounds will be painted in Sketchbook Pro, some will be actual paintings and scanned in.  The characters will be layered on top.  some pages might be comic book style, some might be whole page illustrations.  It’s up in the air right now.

Next step: storyboard creation.

2 thoughts on “Beginning to flesh out an idea for my book…

  1. sounds like a great life plan and I hope it works out for you. xxoo

  2. It’s time to charge headlong into the fray, lances down. Thanks!

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